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In August 2022, at Podcast Movement, in collaboration with True Native Media announced the release of, a website built for podcasters to buy and sell their podcasts.

Can a person buy and sell an audience? Websites like Flippa and X Empires seem to indicate the answer is yes, and will help podcasters to do exactly that with audio.

The idea for The Podcast Broker came from Heather Osgood. As the founder of True Native Media, she saw the potential for buying and selling podcasts. Through her work in her podcast representation firm, one of the more frustrating elements to witness was watching independent podcasters that no longer wanted to host their shows, allowing them to simply come to a complete stop.

The truth is, every podcast that builds an audience has the potential to keep growing – even if the original host is ready to move on. It’s also worth noting that some people that want to break into the medium of podcasting don’t want to go through the motions required to build up an audience and having the means to purchase a podcast that has already done the heavy lifting provides these would be podcasters with a golden opportunity to step into the role as the new host of readymade shows.

Founders of podcast hosting platform Ben Richardson and Alberto Betella joined as co-founders. They will serve on the team as technical founders bringing the platform to life. They feel that independent podcasters and would-be podcasters have needed a platform like this and are thrilled to be on board for such a unique marketplace.

What Podcasters Looking to Sell Need to Know

To get started with selling a podcast on, the first step is to have your podcast evaluated. The platform will provide a free evaluation of any and all podcasts that are looking to sell their show. Once a show is evaluated and approved to be listed for sale, podcasters will be given an estimate of how much their show might be worth, which can be used as a baseline price to begin negotiations with potential buyers.

All sellers will be given the option of selling their podcasts anonymously, or with all details relevant to their show being made public. Once a podcast is sold, at that time, the seller will have the ability to negotiate the sale of any other assets related to their shows up to and including email lists, websites, and domains, social media handles, physical merchandise, etc…

Instead of Podfading – Why Not Sell Your Show?

Podfading doesn’t have to mean the end of a podcast anymore! With The Podcast Broker, podcasters can finally cash in on the work they have put in rather than watching their audiences fade away. There is so much opportunity for people wanting to sell and people wanting to buy a podcast. Thanks to this amazing platform, a podcast can live well past the initial host, and everybody can reap the rewards. 

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