Mini Podcast Moneymaker Course

Ready to learn about podcast advertising?

Course modules

The Mini podcast moneymaker course is an introductory to podcast advertising

Partnering with advertisers is a big step. You will be taking payment to endorse a product on your podcast. 

You need to make sure you know the basics of how podcast advertising works; and how to prepare your podcast for ads. 

The Mini Podcast Moneymaker Course helps you understand the fundamental aspects of podcast ad sales and what will be required of you when you commit to advertisers. 

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the course modules

What is podcast advertising?

And how does it work?​

Understanding Podcast Statistics

And Pricing Podcast Ads

Preparing For Advertisers


Next Step: Follow Up

What you need to do

Preparing An Advertiser Contract

A simple explanation

Securing Advertising Renewals

Form lasting partnerships

Reaching out to advertisers can feel scary and intimidating. How do I sell my podcast? What do I say about myself to make them want to work with me? What is important to advertisers that I need to know? These are questions I used to ask myself, too, until I realized that I had something amazing to offer – an opportunity to create a win-win-win scenario for advertisers, podcasters, and their listeners.


Ready to actively pursue advertisers? Then you need the FULL Podcast Moneymaker Course. This step-by-step system gives you the formula, tools, and templates to pitch advertisers and secure your first deal in 6 weeks.