The Podcast Moneymaker Course

Get the formula, tools, and templates to secure advertisers in 6 weeks.

Course modules

The podcast moneymaker course is a step-by-step system for when you are ready to take action

You have made the commitment to start accepting advertisers on your podcast and are ready to start actively reaching out to secure sales.

Partnering with advertisers is a big step. You will be taking payment to endorse a product on your podcast. 

You need to look professional and prepared. The course helps you to hit the ground running with detailed action items, templates, and processes you need to succeed. 

the Podcast Moneymaker course modules


The Force Of Focus

Build a moneymaking mindset and get granular on your "WHY". Learn how to be politely persistent.

Know Your Listener

Understand your audience by creating your listener persona with the template provided. This is critical in securing ad sales.

Marketing Tools For Explosive Growth

Guidelines for a podcast website, SEO for podcasts, and how to create marketing assets and a content calendar.

Leveraging The Podcast Community

Find new listeners and build your audience with the help of the podcast industry, and other podcasts.

Understanding Podcast Advertising

Understand your stats, how to price your podcast correctly, plus the ins-and-outs of the campaign process. Learn the best way to pitch advertisers.

Maintaining Long Term Advertisers

It's action time. Find advertisers, pitch your podcast, and secure long term partnerships.

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done-for-you Templates

Module Workbooks

Listener Persona Workbook

Content Calendar Template

Cross-Promotion Email Script

Podcast Guest Email Script

Outreach Tracking Worksheet

Media Kit Template

Email Pitch Script

Advertising Proposal Template

Advertising Contract Template

Talking with advertisers can feel like you are on another planet. RFP’s, CPM, CPA. It’s like the language of acronyms. They read the fine print, have strict budgets to adhere to, and don’t have time to waste. The last thing you want is to come across as an amateur in this fast pace industry. It’s vital to arm yourself with a wealth of knowledge (that you can’t find readily available online) so you can put your best foot forward. I took all that I have learned about negotiating with advertisers and curated these companion templates. You will receive these with the accompanying course module, so you can go into your first negotiation with confidence.


Do you need to learn more about how podcast advertising works before making the commitment to go after ad sales?

Then you need the MINI Course. It walks you through the basics of podcast advertising and how to prepare your podcast to accept advertisers.